getting started with your web


Are you ready to take your company website to the next level?

As you might know the web is an excellent platform to promote and inform people about your company. But how do you get started, and what should your website look like? It can be hard to get started, but fortunately there is alot of help to get on the internet, for example this post!

How should your website look?

Getting to create the website can be a fun process, especially designing as it is a less hard task than actually coding and creating the site. It is a free room to get creative and develop your companys brand and defining your products.

A good way to get started with this is creating moodboards. Here you can define the style and inspiration of the website but also the companys branding. Therefore it is a very nice place to get started and get creative.

After you have made the moodboard, it is time to start creating wireframes and mockups.

After you have made your wireframes and mockups, you hopefully have an idea about how your website is gonna look. Maybe you’ve only created the frontpage, and if so, you should definitely consider what other pages and content your website should include.

Depending on whether your would like to code up or create your website with WordPress page builders or not, you now have two options. You could hire someone do it for you, or you can do it by yourself. Sometimes it is worth considering, if your website is supposed to be looking professional for a business purpose, or it is just a personal website. If it is a business website, it is highly recommended to get it done professionally. Of course we can have you with that for a cheap amount of money.

Hand over your mockups to the developer

Did you make your decision yet? If you did pick the professional developer, you have to think about how you hand over your mockups. You have to give them as much information about the project as possible. If you don’t do that, you risk them spending alot of time developing something out, that they can’t actually use. Which will of course cost you extra money. So really think about how you hand over the project.

If you choose to develop the website yourself, you might consider using some sort of WordPress page builder plugin, unless you have experience with coding of course. These page builders will make it very easy for you to create a website. The only downside with those plugins is often it results in alot of unnecessary code, which means the pages tend to get really slow. But it is definitely doable to create a decent website with a page builder.

Elementor being the most popular pagebuilder right now.

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