new interns


Business Academi are always looking for new interns for some of our many exciting tasks. We have many companies, willing to work together with us, and getting the job done by our clever students.

That being said, we do have companies with a lot of different tasks, making Business Academi a relevant place to do your internship, as long as you are on a somewhat business related education.

The educations could be:

  • – Economics

  • – Law

  • – Marketing

  • – Multimedia Design

  • – Etc

  • Are you in doubt whether or not your education fits in, then please feel free to contact us, and let’s have a talk. Since we have a lot of business partners, there seems to be tasks and problems to be solved for a wide range of educations.

    We take interns and students all the time. If you want to join Business Academi in regard to your internship on your current education, then you are of course more then welcome to apply. These internships usually lasts 10 weeks.

    Are you however done with your education, but haven’t been able to get a relevant job, due to lack of experience? Then an internship in Business Academi could be a genius thing to do, while you are looking for your next job.

    Besides getting work experience in your desired field, you also get education from our professors once every week, which indeed is very valuable.

    Want more information? Contact us