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Get professional experience

We offer a challenging internship with the possibility of getting professional experience within areas related to your career or education.

In an internship at Business Academi you will solve problems for small and medium-sized business together with our team. That means you will get hands on experience with real clients. Through the internship you will get sparring with our professors with many years of experience.

As a part of our internship you will one time at a week take part in a class with one of our professors. The classes can be about different topics – typically within sales, marketing, it, logistics and so on. The meaning with these classes is to give you a fundamental knowledge about how organisations are working.

An internship at Business Academi can be apart of your education (AP & Bachelor). Most of our internships have a length of 3-6 months depending on your education.

You are also welcome to apply for an internship if you have finished your education and want to kickstart your professional career.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for ambitious students who wants a challenging internship. You are willing to learn and have a interest in getting the best out of your internship.

We welcome applications and students with different nationalities. If the internship is a part of your education, your university has to be located in Denmark.

What does a former intern mean?

“I got an internship at Business Academi as a part of my AP in Multimedia Design and Communication. It has been very valuable for me and i have gained a lot of experience. What i liked the most was the possibility to spare and be challenged by the professors with backgrounds in big companies. The internship has done a perfect job in preparing me for a job when i finish my education.”

Mikkel Lundstrøm


Frequently asked questions

Most students ask us about:

What type of students can get an internship?

Most of our interns are AP or Bachelor students. It is also possible to get an internship if you aren’t a student. We offer internships withing marketing, finance, sales, web development and business in generel.

How long are your internships?

Most of the internships have a length of 3-6 months. If it does not fit your education feel free to contact us.

Where are we located?

Most of the internships have a length of 3-6 months. If it does not fit your education feel free to contact us.

Work hours per week?

Our internships are full-time (37 hours a week).

When can I get an internship?

We take interns two times at a year. In January and in September. Our next interns begin in September 2020.

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