We offer internships for AP and bachelor students. Our interns come from different type of educations – mostly within business, marketing and communication.



Internships at Business Academi

We have interns 2 times a year – in September and in January. Usually we have 0-10 bachelor and AP students from educations related to sales, marketing, web development, design and business in general. Through the internship the students will deal with real clients and work in teams.

As a part of the internship the students will have a class once a week with one of our professors. We have professors within different areas as, law, business, marketing, sales etc. Our professors will be available for sparring through the whole internship.

Who are we?

We are an academy for students with high ambitions and desire for an internship with a steep learning curve. We are working with small and medium sized business. This is the business our interns will work with through their internship.

As a part of our strategy we donate 10% of our earnings to charity. If a company hires us for a task, they can decide which foundation they want to support.

Should we work together?

Do you want a collaboration where your students can get an internship at Business Academi? Then feel free to contact us today and let us discuss a potential collaboration.

Contact information

Head of Internships
Tom Jonsen
Tlf. 7190 7153

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us through the contact form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.