We’re excited for our new interns

We’ve just welcomed our new interns on our office on Maglemoelle. Magnus and Mikkel are students from Zealand – Sjaellands Erhvervsakademi. They are currently studying Multimedia Design, and will be involved in digitalising both our own existence, but also other companies. Do you like our new website?

Here is some of the tasks our multimedia design interns will be doing:

So the internship that Magnus and Mikkel are going to go through lasts 10 weeks. In these 10 weeks, there will be alot of exciting tasks for them to do, that fits their learning plan from Zealand. The learning plan is made to ensure the students get tasks, that are relevant to their education. Every tuesday of the 10 week program, the students will get education from one of our professors. It is important for us, that our students get a advanced understanding of a company structure, and also get insight in all the different roles. This could be legal, advertisement and board management.

Do you want to become an intern of Business Academi?

If think it would be exciting to join the Business Academi team during your internship, then reach out to us. You can find our application form right here.

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