Full Time: Sales & marketing Internship fall 2020

Looking for a challenging internship this fall. At Business Academi you get the chance to challenge yourself with exciting clients in different categories. At Business Academi you get the chance to kick-start your career.

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Business Academi is located in the heart of Naestved but your actual location doesn´t matter. Of course you are welcome at our office, but if you want to work remote a couple of days in a week that is completely acceptable. As long as you deliver your tasks.


While you are an intern in Business Academi, you will be taught in different relevant topics by our handpicked professors. They will be provide you with basic to advanced knowledge within their main subject. This will help you expand your knowledge beyond your own niché, and get a broader understanding of how a company is structured, and also which rules and demands the society is applying to companies as a whole.

Topics taught by our professors:

If you want to study due your internship you will have free access to a e-learning platform with courses to feed your brain.

Working hours

Working hours will be 37 hours a week. We support a flexible work-life balance and therefore it does not matter to us, if you start working at 06:00 and finish at 14:00 – or something else. As long as you deliver.

You should also be available for meetings with clients and internal meetings.


Depending on your education, we will give you relevant tasks.

Who are you?

Maybe you are studying commerce management, international sales, marketing management or something else and want a challenging internship in a dynamic business as part of your education.

You have a big drive and want to learn and get the most out of your internship. Maybe you want to head directly into a full-time job after the internship or maybe you want to continue studying.

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We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Deadline for applying is 8/1 2020

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