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Where did it all begin?

Thomas started his presentation with top- and board management. It is important for the students to understand, how big companies is built and what types of people that are involved. This will inevitably help them, when they have finished their education, and ends up in a company, big or small. With Thomas’ expertise he was the right one to talk about these things, and introduce the students to the massive world company management.

Moving on to economics

There is no doubt, that it is always great to have a basic understanding of how economics work. Especially in a company, since an employee will always in some extension depend on the current economic situation of the company. The students were also introduced to how to work with EVA.

Key Performance Indicator

Hearing Thomas talk about KPI was very interesting. Among some theoretical information, Thomas also presented some real world examples. These are examples from companies, that have worked hard towards reaching the desired KPI goals. The thing about KPI is, that everyone in the company has to work towards the goal, and apply the necessary changes in their workday, in order to improve the chances of reaching the goal. When talking KPIs the whole company is involved, hence it is a very important topic for the students.

A brief introduction to Thomas Christensen

At Business Academi we were excited for having Thomas Christensen as professor for our weekly educational day. Thomas is a man who knows a lot, and especially is strong within leading companies and sitting at the company board. These things among some economy, was the topics of Thomas’ presentation.

– Thomas Christensen

Owner, Innovation City

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